President Greetings

     I sincerely appreciate every customer and friend who cares about and supports the development of ENICGROUP. Thanks to your tremendous support and assistance, we can consistently improve and develop under the beliefs in ¡°Ethnicity, Credibility, Diligence, and Double win¡± and ¡°Regulation, Safety, Greenness, and Efficiency.¡± 
      As a newly formed chemical company, ENICGROUP uses the market as the guide; the products and research has already included basic chemistry, biological pharmacy, rubber ingredient, and special new products. Now the formation of ENICGORUP will efficiently establish good communication and shared resources among the sub-companies in order to combine the advantages of all and promote all sub-companies towards success. 

      It will take a while to achieve ¡°ENICGROUP for Eternity and Innovation,¡± because it requires the perseverance of several generations. Not only do we need to spread the culture of a good company, but also to keep creating and revolutionizing, because time is moving forward, so are the requirement and competition. In this technological world that depends on artificial intelligence, innovation is the only choice for a company to survive and develop, and to adapt to this fast changing society. Only when the company is exploring, progressing, inventing, creating, and prospering consistently, can it stand in this competitive market for a long time. 
     ENICGROUP keeps accumulating its culture as well. All the employees in this company are using their burning passion to put what they are doing in history. ¡°ENICGROUP for Eternity and Innovation¡± is what we ENICS are striving for! 

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