What¡¯s Modified PBZ Series High Performance fibre ?

Publication time£º2018/1/8 8:52:20 See£º
£¨1£©Product Summary
PBZ series fibre is known as ¡°21 century sper fibre¡±, due to it¡¯s high performance as like tenacity, specific modulus, heat resistance, antiflaming, soft and impact resistance, it becomes the strategic new material in defense, energy, traffic and transportation industries. Now it widely extended from aerospace aviation, defense military, impact resistance protection equipment industries into civil use(radiation resistance, high performance rope, sports), rail traffic, industrial use(high temperature resistance material, construction engineering reinforcing material,fibre optic communication cable reinforcing material) etc more than 20 industrial sectors.  
£¨2£©Technical Parameters 
¢Ù Total constant polymerization process time < 3h, Dry spray wet spinning fibre draw ratio >50£¬monofilament denier 2-3 Dtex, Multifilament moisture regain 2% 
¢Ú High strength model PBO fibre: Tensile strength£¾5.5GPa£¬Modulus£¾150GPa£¬Heat resistance temperature£¾630¡æ£¬Phosphorous content £¼800ppm 
¢Û Big tow heat resistance type PBO fibre£¬Heat resistance temperature£¾650¡æ£¬Tensile strength £¾3.2GPa£¬Modulus £¾150GPa
¢Ü Pilot PDBI and modified PBO fibre£ºStrength 4.0-5.0GPa£¬Modulus£¾150GPa£¬Compression strength£¾0.8GPa£¬heat resistance£¾540¡æ
¢Ý The recycling use ratio of solidification liquid recycled PPA£¾85%£»PBO series fibre enterprises technical standard can be carried out, test method can be common used.
£¨3£©Technique basis 
¢ÙCore technical source£ºIndependent research and development and cooperate with universities  
¢Ú Possessor of proprietary intellectual property rights£º1 PCT patent£¬1 Japan patent, 1 USA patent£¬5 China patent
¢ÛThe project obtained support from China Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Importance Project Support Plan in 2006 and 2011£¨BE2006077¡¢BE2011129). 
¢Ü The realized technological breakthroughs of the project : ABAA monomer synthesis; Off-constant ABAA polycondensation process produce PBO fibre; Modified PBO technology.  
¢ÝTechnological breakthroughs points £ºWorld original technology: ABAA monomer synthesis; Off-constant ABAA polycondensation process produce PBO fibre£»Synthesis of new monomer : 4-(5-amion-6-hydroxy-2-benzoxazole)ammonium benzoate£¨ABAA£©£»World original technology:Modified PBO fibre 

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